MiDES Progression Report

The new MiDES Progression report has been produced by RCU using 2015/16 year-end (R14) and 2016/17 R04 ILR data collected from our MiDES member colleges.

The Progression report provides a comparison between your college and other comparator groups (such as national, regional or by provider type) on the percentage of learners who completed a course in 2015/16 who went on to enroll at the same college in 2016/17. The report enables users to view learner progression by highest level of learning to compare whether the percentage of such learners progressing to the same or indeed a higher level at their college is in line with other providers.

College users can also select individual funding streams, subject areas and learner characteristic (gender and ethnicity) to carry out more detailed and targeted comparisons with the benchmark.

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MiDES Learner Progression Report

The report will provide useful information, when viewed alongside destinations data, for self-assessment and in preparation for Ofsted inspection.

MiDES Feedback & Support

If you have any questions about MiDES or would like to set up additional user accounts for your college for the purpose of either uploading data or accessing the benchmarked reports please do let us know. We are more than happy to help. You might also find the answers you are looking for on the new MiDES Helpdesk.

The new Progression report is based on the collection of data across 2 years. Therefore, if your college did not submit both the 2015/16 year-end (R14) and 2016/17 R04 ILR data you will not currently benefit from the new Progression report. In this case, please contact us at mides@rcu.co.uk to discuss.