MiDES Deprivation Report

The MIDES Deprivation profile analysis tool enables you to compare the learner recruitment by deprivation profile in your own institution with the national picture and other set comparator groups (such as region or provider type).

Within the report you can select the comparison you want to make such as by learner type, sector subject area and NVQ level within the top ten learner recruitment districts.

The charts presented within the report show the percentage of learners who live within ten grouped bands of deprivation and are defined by the 2007 and 2010 rankings of the Indices of Multiple Deprivation for England.

This report is currently updated 3 times per year using the R06, R10 and R13 ILR returns.

To access the reports, you will need to Login to MiDES.

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MIDES Deprivation Report